Photo Clipping Services from SmartPHOTOeditors

The art and science of image clipping allows "distractions" to be eliminated from images. SmartPHOTOeditors (SPE) has an expert team dedicated to this specialized task, allowing busy photographers to outsource this difficult and time-consuming task to SPE.

We understand that marketers are keenly sensitive about backgrounds and other details shown prominently in images. When a background needs to be changed due to a client's request or because the original photoshoot plan was changed at the last minute, professional photo clipping services from SmartPHOTOeditors will quickly solve the problem.

Image clipping service at SPE is the practical solution for circumstances like altering the background for use on a website, and supporting photographers do not always have the time needed to complete the meticulous photo editing required for a professional-looking image. When the job calls for impeccable results like leaving no ragged edges after cutting out an object and placing it on a white or transparent background, using SmartPHOTOeditors is a cost-effective strategy for photographers. The following section outlines six of SPE's photo clipping services.

Our Photo Clipping Service Expertise

SPE's photo clipping expertise includes these six primary services:

  • Clipping Path

    SPE's professional photo editors employ Adobe Photoshop to use the vector line description embedded in your photo files as the basis for determining where to clip the image. We take the background away cleanly by following the appropriate "clipping path."

  • Hair Masking

    SPE uses alpha channel photo editing that facilitates selecting hair (or other details) and removing it from the image. While the concept is geared toward cropping of human hair, we also employ this strategy for other variations of fine detail cropping.

  • Tracing Image

    SmartPHOTOeditors can use software to trace images, crop each photo perfectly and then transfer it to your preferred white or gray background.

  • Shadow Photo

    The photo editing experts at SmartPHOTOeditors digitally create a natural-looking shadow. Although the digital light source is usually from the top, our expert team can also create shadow views from any desired angle.

  • Dropping Background

    When the subject is all that's important, SPE uses state-of-the-art image editing software to select the subject and crop out the backgrounds.

  • Car Image Clipping

    SmartPHOTOeditors clips, crops and moves car images to the desired background so that the photo is ready for stock photo images or a marketing campaign.

The Image Clipping Service Benefits at SPE

Here are five major benefits when you select SmartPHOTOeditors to handle your photo clipping needs:

  • SmartPHOTOeditors provides a one-stop solution for photo clipping services as well as other photo editing needs — By working with SPE, photographers can take care of all photo editing tasks by dealing with one high-quality provider.
  • SmartPHOTOeditors can provide high volume editing for marketing campaigns, websites and eCommerce — SPE has an experienced team that is capable of handling high volume assignments, often with a 24 hour turnaround.
  • SmartPHOTOeditors can help you add more services instead of turning away business — By helping photographers remove time-consuming tasks like photo clipping from their daily tasks, SPE will facilitate adding more clients and new services to your professional photography portfolio.
  • SmartPHOTOeditors gives your images the appearance of an expensive studio set-up at budget-conscious pricing — SPE provides meticulous details in image clipping that are often overlooked by many professional photo editing services. For example, our expert team knows when to avoid using the Magic Wand and Magnetic Lasso tools in Photoshop and substitute advanced alpha channel techniques.
  • SmartPHOTOeditors is capable of quick turnarounds that will keep your customers happy — With final photo clipping often delivered to you on an overnight basis, SPE won't keep you or your clients waiting. One of the best ways to impress both new and regular customers is with fast service that exceeds expectations, and SmartPHOTOeditors will always help you "Wow" your clients.

Helping Your Clients Sell Products with Great Images

If you are looking for winning ideas that will result in repeat business and referrals, find new ways to create great images for your clients. Photo clipping services from SmartPHOTOeditors will help impress your customers and keep them coming back for more.

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